Change Today: Joe Wood era T.S.O.L. 1983-1993 at Wonderland

Wonderland, 1727 E Main St, , Richmond, Virginia 23223

ASPIRE Presents:

"CHANGE TODAY" Joe Wood era T.S.O.L. 1983-1993

w/ Special Guests Rough Dose RVA LNT - Like No Tomorrow

November 6, 2019 Wonderland RVA 9pm Doors // 21+ // $12

JOE WOOD, lead vocalist / guitarist of the legendary T.S.O.L. from 1983-1993. During these years the band put in the heaviest road work of their career supporting their albums "Change Today" "Revenge" "Hit & Run" and "Strange Love" on Enigma and Restless Records, all fronted by Wood. Some of the band's most popular work would come out of this era with tracks like "Flowers By The Door", "Red Shadows", "No Time", and "In The Wind." Due to heavy request, for the first time in 20 years Joe will be backed by a full band playing tracks from this era. This is simply to celebrate these great songs with friends and fans that haven't gotten to hear them live for decades. Keep an eye out in 2019 for "Change Today: Joe Wood Era T.S.O.L. 1983-1993!"